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    15% for new Muslims & disable Muslims. 5% for 2nd sibling & 10% for 3rd sibling. Referral discount 3 free classes.

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    Learn or revise Tajweed in just 30 to 50 hours classes & Recite Quran (Nazra) completely in 7 to 12 months.

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    In Urdu 35$ monthly for 3 classes weekly. In Eng. 45$ monthly for 3 classes weekly. Group classes from 17$ to 24$ monthly.

Learn & Teach Quran Online!

Do you know reciting Surah Fatiha in prayer is compulsory ( Farz) just as ablution is compulsory before starting prayer? Do you or your kids recite Surah Fatiha with correct pronunciation/Tajweed? Register for 100% free trail, Our experts will evaluate you or your kids recitation and design a customized course of shortest time duration for you or your kids as per the need. skype ID:

About Us

The true benefits of knowledge and wisdom can only be reaped by sincerely practicing it and transferring it to others.
"A world where every Muslim recites the Holy Qur'an according to the principles of Tajweed, transfers this knowledge to others and acts accordingly."
“To utilize the power of the internet in connecting seekers of knowledge with the best Qur’an teachers from across the globe.”

Why Us

1-One window solution for all types of Qur’an courses. 2-Adjustable learning speed options: Normal Track (30 Min. class) & Fast Track (60 Min. class) Super Fast Track (90 Min. class). 3- Adjustable fee structure with both options of Monthly or per course fee. 4- Learn with dedication and interest and earn discount for yourself by learning faster and finishing in fewer hours/classes. 5- Teaching language options: Urdu/English/Arabic 6- Live daily progress report. for more details :

Our Courses

We have developed a set of courses that gradually takes students from the basics of Quran to its more advanced levels & Courses are designed according to First time Learner & Revision Track.Courses are also designed to be completed in their time frame. After learning the course properly student can easily transfer his knowledge to others.

To evaluate yourself, enroll in free trail

Register for 100% free trail class and our experts will evaluate your Quran learning skills and suggest you our special course or design customized course of shortest time spam for you as per your skills level.